What's the story?

In May 2012, we launched our second edition of What's the story?,
a detailed look at how the FTSE 100 tell their stories through their corporate channels.

Some of the report's findings highlighted the notion that, with a few notable exceptions, corporate brands are still failing to tell the world what makes them compelling, credible
and distinctive. They're not telling us what makes them special, they're struggling to say anything memorable, and they're not inviting us to care about them.

We found:

  • More than 50% of the FTSE 100 fail to tell a consistent story across
    their corporate media
  • 51% fail to explain what makes them different from their competition
  • Of the 49% that do, the majority highlight only size and scale
    as differentiators
  • Only 61% of the FTSE 100 use video, easily the most engaging means
    of storytelling,on their websites
  • Only 32% have a proposition that relates to their story.

See for yourself how the research was received
at our launch event in May.